Dec 28, 2018

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A Pest Exterminator in Baltimore, MD Gets Rid of Bed Bugs, Ants, and Termites

A Pest Exterminator in Baltimore, MD Gets Rid of Bed Bugs, Ants, and Termites

Bed bugs, ants and termites are three of the most dreaded infestation problems. Homeowners mistakenly believe that keeping their home clean will keep these pests away. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. Bed bugs are often brought into the home after a vacation or business trip. Even luxury hotels are fighting this problem. Travelers pick up bed bugs in their clothing and luggage and bring it back to their home. This hardy pest then take up residence in beds and other furniture. An experienced Pest Exterminator in Oklahoma City, OK is needed to find and destroy them. Exterminators favor either high heat treatment, pesticides or a combination of the two.

Insects such as ants can crawl over kitchen counters and in cabinets search for food. They can carry disease and make a home very unappealing. Professional exterminators from Baltimore Pest Control know how to locate the source of the ant problem and destroy it. They select the best pesticide to finish off the ants and keep them away. Homeowners can be worried about using these powerful chemicals around their children and pets. All of the chemicals used are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. They are applied according to the rules approved by that agency and the manufacturer. As soon as the surfaces are dried, it is safe for everyone to use the area.

Termites can destroy the structural integrity of a home, before the homeowner even knows they have a problem. Alert homeowners may notice small amounts of sawdust by wood furniture or on the patio. They may even notice small earth mounds shaped like pencils in their garden. The sawdust shows that termites are eating away at the furniture. The small earth mounds are the way that termites move. It’s critical that the homeowner call a Pest Exterminator in Baltimore, MD as soon as they notice either of these symptoms. He will examine the home and determine what kinds of termites have invaded it. He will then recommend either removing the wood structure or treating and repairing it. Termite infestations can occur when wood piles are located near the house. So it’s a good idea to keep them as far away as possible. Dead tree stumps are also a termite magnet. If they are near the home, they should be removed.

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