Feb 23, 2018

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A New Generation of Hormone Therapy

A New Generation of Hormone Therapy

When we hear “hormone therapy” or “hormone replacement therapy,” we often think of middle-aged women approaching a new time of their life – menopause. For many hormone therapy clinics, social media marketing has largely been directed towards this older, female population. However, there is a new generation of individuals seeking hormone therapy for different reasons, and clinics would do well to remember this when designing ad campaigns for particular demographics.

The Transgender Patient

The meaning of the word “transgender” is, literally, “across genders.” In other words, a transgender person identifies as a gender different than the gender that was assigned to them at birth. For example, a person who was designated a female at birth may, later in life, discover that they are more comfortable living as a man. In some cases, transgender people choose to pursue medical treatments or procedures in order to ensure that their physical body matches more carefully with how they view themselves mentally and psychologically.

Another Use for Hormone Therapy

Transgender people who choose to pursue these kinds of medical transitions utilize hormone therapy—testosterone for female-to-male individuals and estrogen for male-to-female transgender patients. Research says that this cross-sex hormone therapy has been proven to yield positive mental and physical effects for the transitioning patient.

A Sizeable Population

A person is not required to discover that they are transgender at a particular age. However, there are an increasing number of young transgender patients, a generation which utilizes social media more than any generation before it. According to The New York Times, if surveyors were to ask teenagers between 13 and 17, almost 150,000 of them would identify as transgender.

Conversion Buddha can help you design an ad campaign targeted towards this new generation of hormone therapy users. For many hormone therapy clinics, social media marketing strategies may be changing in 2018. With an open mind and advertising expertise, Conversion Buddha experts are ready to help your clinic achieve its largest reach yet. For more information, visit us at https://conversionbuddha.com/.

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