Apr 3, 2013

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A Lawyer Can Help You Fight Debt Collection Harassment

A changing economy means that people have to spend months or sometimes years relying on credit cards just to buy groceries or pay the mortgage. Bank foreclosures and car repossessions are on the rise as more people have to choose which bills to pay each month. Whether someone goes into debt because of job loss or medical reasons, being constantly harassed by debt collectors only adds to an already stressful situation.

Don’t let the scare tactics of many debt collectors stress you out. There are laws governing debt collecting, and a bankruptcy attorney in Bethlehem, PA can help you fight volatile debt collectors who are knowingly breaking the law.

Collectors Must Follow the Law

Just because you owe a company or creditor money doesn’t mean that a collection agency has the right to harass you or act in an abrasive manner when speaking to you over the phone. A bankruptcy attorney in Bethlehem, PA can update you on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This act provides stipulations for debt collectors that keep them from harassing you, or even calling you at all if you’re seeking the assistance of an attorney. Many collectors try to skirt the law figuring that the average consumer is not aware of their rights and won’t report them for breaking parts of the law.

How an Attorney Helps

Debt is a stressful situation and many consumers don’t know the best ways to protect themselves from rude and harassing debt collectors. A Bankruptcy Attorney in Bethlehem PA will assist you in gathering paperwork and facts against the collection agency. An attorney will ask you questions to determine exactly which parts of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act a collector is violating.

You may be eligible to sue the collection agency and receive damages, but it’s best to let an experienced attorney build a strong case rather than try to fight it in court on your own. They may also be able to work out an agreement with your creditors to help you manage your debts better and avoid debt collection.


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