Dec 26, 2017

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A LaGrange Divorce Attorney Discusses Marriage and Finances

A LaGrange Divorce Attorney Discusses Marriage and Finances

Money remains one of the primary underlying factors of divorce. The happiest marriages can be drastically changed because of financial stress. It is not usually the sole reason for a divorce, but money problems can cause conflict in many other areas of a couple’s life as well. Being aware of the possible conflict and engaging in open communication can help prevent seeking the counsel of a LaGrange divorce attorney. There are several reasons money is a huge factor in divorce.

Different Values on Spending Money

What individuals value when it comes to financial decisions can cause constant disagreement between couples. One spouse may feel it is important to invest in expensive music lessons, while the other may find it more valuable and reasonable to invest in a college fund. Perhaps one feels it is important to contribute to a savings account, but the other spouse’s opinion is it’s okay to spend more. Differences in opinion such as these can lead to disagreements and heated arguments, ending in the office of a LaGrange divorce attorney.

Inconsistent Income Levels

An inconsistent or unstable income can lead to lots of stress. Add it to a marriage relationship and it could easily end in a breakup. Flexing finances can be difficult for couples to handle. They may fight over how extra money is to be spent or how they can tighten up an already strict budget. Sometimes, money problems in a marriage are not due to a simple lack of money. Being able to discuss money and finances openly can strengthen a marriage. Fighting about finances, on the other hand, can lead to a visit with a LaGrange divorce attorney.

Debt Perspectives

The way people look at debt and paying it off can put strain on a relationship. Maybe one partner feels every cent should go toward reducing debt, while the other feels differently. If both parties entered the marriage with varying amounts of debt, it can be a sense of tension to decide who should be responsible for which. Discussing debt openly will help the marriage succeed.

Are you and your mate unable to come to an agreement about finances? Check out the Family Law Advocates website to discuss your situation with a LaGrange divorce attorney.

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