Jul 23, 2013

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A Housing Siding Contractor in Belleville Can Help a Homeowner Select the Perfect Siding

When homeowners face repairing and painting their home’s wood clapboards, they often to choose to replace them with vinyl siding. This change means that they will never have to paint their house again. They can work with a house siding contractor in Belleville to install the perfect color of siding that matches their trim and roof. After that they only have to power wash the siding in the spring to ensure that their house looks clean.

There are many different kinds of vinyl siding and they can vary widely in price and style. Homeowners who want their siding to look as much like as wood siding as possible should select a vinyl clapboard with a profile of at least one inch. The profile is the outside shape of clapboard and its vertical angle. When a clapboard slants at least once inch away from the house it creates a shadow. It’s the shadow that makes it look like an upscale wood clapboard.

There is a mounting hem at the top of every vinyl clapboard. This is where the holes are located that the contractor will use to insert nails or screws. If the mounting hem has two layers of vinyl, it will be stronger and resist stronger winds. This is called a double-layer mounting hem. Homeowners who live in high-wind areas should carefully evaluate the wind resistance of any vinyl siding product.

Homeowners, with large houses or small homes with large horizontal spaces, should consider purchasing extra-long siding panels. This reduces the number of seams on long walls. This is much more attractive and minimizes any leaks that can occur. Sixteen-foot clapboards should be the minimum size on houses with large horizontal spaces.

Foam backing is also a plus for most vinyl clapboards. Foam fits every crevice. This is especially important for vinyl siding with a deep profile. Traditional flat fiberglass insulation doesn’t fit all of the crevices. In addition to added insulation, foam backing makes the vinyl clapboard stronger and prevents any buckling. While this type of siding may cost more, it will reducing heating and cooling bills for decades. A house siding in Belleville contractor can discuss all of these features with a homeowner and help them pick out the best siding for their location and budget.


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