Oct 24, 2014

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A Home for Sale in St. Paul MN Should Have These Surprising Things

When most people decide to sell their St. Paul MN home, they typically think that granite countertops, new sinks and other new items make the home more appealing. While this may be true, there are three surprising things that buyers want when they search for a home for sale. Two out of three things are quite simple to arrange, and the third can help you until you complete the sale and move out.

Organization and Storage

When people come into your home for sale, they want to see a lot of storage space and ways to organize their items. Many times, a home buyer has been renting small apartments and has limited space so they are happy that they can move into a larger area and have more room to keep their house clutter free.

When your St. Paul MN home is listed, consider mentioning the organization options for closets and pantries, and mention all the various areas that can include storage items. This may include spacious shelves above hangers in closets, built-in storage compartments under the kitchen sink or whatever else your home has to offer.

Updated Colors

Most people have lived in their St. Paul MN home for years and have gotten used to the colors and décor. However, when your home is put up for sale, you want to look at it from a new guest’s viewpoint to get an idea of what they will see. Update the colors of the home by painting the walls and update the design elements. While this will cost a little out of pocket, it will make your home more appealing to others and help them decide to buy it.

Green Living

Home buyers know that electricity can be costly, and they are always interested in homes that offer green options or energy efficiency through the appliances. If you already have energy-efficient appliances that will stay with the home, advertise those and showcase them. Consider putting in some new insulation or acquiring dual-paned windows so that the home retains heat and air conditioning better.

Though you shouldn’t spend money on renovations just to sell the home to someone else, your home may already have those options, making it a great selling point because it means the new homeowner doesn’t have to spend the money for renovations.

If you have a home for sale in St. Paul MN, it is important to showcase the things people want in a home. Lori Hogenson from Re/MAX Results understands what home-buyers want.

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