A Guide to Custom Curtains in South Lyon MI

If you want to add something truly original to your home then custom curtains provide you with a great way to do that. You can go the department store and pick out a set of curtains but they will not be original and will not add style and sophistication to your home like custom curtains for your home. Keep reading to learn more about the qualities that you should look for in a pair of beautiful custom curtains.

Texture & Color

When considering custom curtains in South Lyon MI for your home you must first think about the texture of the curtains. In order to choose the right curtains you must think about the mood of the room. Is it a formal room? If so you may want to choose a heavier texture such as velvet or heavy silk. These types of fabrics are typically dry-clean only. If your room has more of a casual feel then you may want to choose crushed velvet or a billowy linen. You could also go with a cotton blend that will give the room a comfortable and subtle feel.

If you are choosing a color for your custom curtains in South Lyon MI then you first need to decide if you want your curtains to stand out or to simply blend in with the décor. If you plan on blending in with the décor you will want to choose a color that has a similar tone with the wall but a couple of shades darker. You do not want to choose anything to vivid or bold. However, if you want your room to pop, then you are going to want to choose a bold color that stands out. Blue will give the room a moody feel while red, yellow, pink will stand out and make the room bright.

Patterns & Prints
When you are choosing prints and patterns for your curtains you need to try to stick with the simplest style. You do not want to choose any curtains that have too many patterns and do not go with the furniture in the room. Unless the pattern is the exact same style as the sofa.

If you are searching for custom curtains in South Lyon MI, there are professionals in the area that can help. They can create a custom curtain that not only fits your style but matches all of your furniture and décor inside of the home.

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