Oct 8, 2014

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A Guide To Buying E-Cigarette Accessories

Branching out from a basic e-cigarette starter kit to fully customizing your vaping supplies is a great way to get the smoking experience that you want. There are several different types of e-cigarette accessories that are must-have items once you get beyond the basics.

The good news about buying e-cigarette accessories is that there is lots of information online available at Domain URL  in forums, blogs and vapor retailers. These range from answering the basic questions about how to use the various accessories to learning which parts may be interchangeable, and which are not, between different e-cig models and brands.

Must-Have Items

Some of the most important and most used components that you will need in the way of e-cigarette accessories are chargers. This is particularly important if you travel or if you spend a lot of time away from your home where your standard charging system is.

There are many different options to choose from including those that use power from a USB port, which is ideal for most vehicles, computers and laptops. There are also micro USB charging systems that are even more versatile and plug into a wider range of devices. Wall chargers and even chargers that detect the type of battery being charged can be a great addition to your accessory collection.

Drip Tips

If you use a tank you may want to consider adding drip tips to your e-cigarette accessories. These are ends or mouthpieces that thread into your atomizer to replace the tank or cartomizer for your smoking enjoyment. You simply drip a few drops into the holes on the drip tip and enjoy the smoke.

These are perfect when you infrequently use the e-cigarette or you like to change flavors regularly. Since there is no residue liquid these e-cigarette accessories create less risk of “ghost flavors” or unpleasant combinations. They are also perfect when you have a limited amount of time to smoke
since you can pre-load the drip tips for just the right kind of flavor delivery.

Other common e-cigarette accessories you should add to your collection are replacement batteries, replacement coils for a clearomizer, additional tanks and even specialized blunt needle tips that will make filling your own tanks much easier.

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