Nov 22, 2013

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A Gift in Bloom: Selecting the Perfect Flowers in St Charles MO

Flowers are a thoughtful and beautiful gift for any occasion in St. Charles, but you can sometimes feel less than confident that you’re selecting the right bouquet or arrangement. With all the different colors and varieties that are available today, it can be difficult to select the perfect Flowers St Charles MO. If you’re overwhelmed, keep reading for some handy tips to help you select the perfect flowers, and visit for expert assistance and a gorgeous selection of fresh blooms.

Think Beyond Roses
Roses are the most popular flowers given for gifts, but they’re becoming so common that sometimes it can feel as if you’re being unoriginal by selecting them. It can be a welcome surprise for someone to receive a bouquet or arrangement of exotic or unusual flowers. Even as a romantic gesture, a bright bunch of daisies or the perfect orchid can be a unique and lovely gift.

Consider Color
When you’re giving flowers as a gift, different colors signify different emotions. For example, yellow flowers symbolize friendship and red flowers are usually a symbol of romantic love. Blue flowers represent peace and are appropriate sympathy flowers St Charles MO. To brighten someone’s day, orange flowers can be symbolic of joy. Keep the mood and nature of the occasion in mind when you select your color scheme.

Don’t Forget Fillers
You’ll need to add some type of filler flowers or greens to your arrangement, and the possibilities are endless. When selecting a filler, think about what you’re trying to express with your arrangement, and also keep the season in mind. Flowers for a romantic date might be best complimented by delicate baby’s breath, while a sunny springtime bouquet might look best with some fresh green ferns.

Consider the Meaning of the Flower
In Victorian times, each and every flower given had a secret meaning for the recipient. Even today, it’s shows thoughtfulness to choose flowers based on their special meanings. According to the American Society of Florists, a pansy signifies loving thoughts, and a black-eyed Susan should be given for encouragement. Choosing flowers based on their historical meaning can be a fun way to add a personal touch to a gift bouquet.
Choosing the right flowers in St Charles MO can be a challenge. Keep the tips above in mind when making your selections and don’t be afraid to turn to a professional florist for help with your arrangement.

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