A Full Range of Gutter Services in Olympia, WA

Gutters are an essential part of any building due to the level of protection they offer. They do a lot more than merely allow water to flow off the roof. The structure, exterior, and foundation of houses and businesses function well because of properly maintained gutters.

Landscaping also benefits from gutters. Downspouts keep water away from the house and evenly disbursed to prevent pooling that erodes soil and damages trees and plants. A clogged, dented, or leaking gutter system will cost owners money in more ways than they realize.

Steps to Avoid Damage

An annual inspection is the first step offered by Gutter Services in Olympia Wa. Many issues are not visible from the ground, so an inspection indicates if there are any problems to address or repairs that are needed. This simple and inexpensive proactive measure will ensure gutters are in excellent working order.

Minor repairs are completed as soon as they are noticed to minimize damage and prolong the life of the gutter system. A common repair is to clear the gutters of debris to keep the flow of rainwater and melting ice or snow steady. Branches, stray baseballs, leaves, nests of birds, or small wildlife will cause a backup of water.


That water can cause other issues. The clogged section of the system can buckle, leak, or become separated from the house. Water running down the side of the building may collect under siding and windowsills and begin to rot the wood and saturate the insulation. It will also make its way to the foundation to create cracks.

The result of not taking advantage of a full range of Gutter Services in Olympia Wa may also include the replacement of the gutter system. Major repairs are expensive and time consuming. There are added expense to replace any damaged belongings, flooring, and furniture.


Preventative maintenance is the easiest way to avoid the damage and expenses associated with degraded gutters. Another wise action is to have gutter guards installed that allow water to enter the system while keeping debris out. If gutters are old, replacing them is cost effective because materials are backed by a twenty-year warranty.

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