Jul 18, 2017

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A Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Provides Solutions Before Entering Court

A Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Provides Solutions Before Entering Court

For obvious reasons, no homeowner wants to go through the foreclosure process. A foreclosure is often an exhausting process with catastrophic consequences. Thousands of people lose their homes to foreclosure each and every year. However, a variety of solutions are available to the average homeowner, and a foreclosure defense lawyer in Huntley, IL can help. It turns out these lawyers can help a property owner dodge foreclosure proceedings long before walking into the courtroom.

Options for Avoiding Foreclosure Before Heading to Court

Most states, including Illinois, provide homeowners with numerous options for avoiding foreclosure. Loss mitigation programs will wipe out past due mortgage payments under certain circumstances. A loan modification can help homeowners in multiple ways. For instance, the loan duration can be increased, which results in lower payments for the property owner. Foreclosure mediation allows the borrower and lender to change the original loan agreement to the satisfaction of both sides.

Either way, each one of these options is designed to prevent the borrower from losing their home.

Where A Huntley, IL Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Comes Into Play

If a homeowner negotiates with the lender themselves, they’re often not going to get far. A one-off conversation may eliminate one past due payment or grant an extension. Still, a lawyer is required to access the previously mentioned solutions. Defense lawyers know how the law works and what remedies are sensible for a given property owner. They negotiate with the lender in whichever manner puts the law on the side of the borrower rather than the lender.

Unsurprisingly, the average homeowner doesn’t understand the more complicated legal matters here.

Foreclosure Proceedings May Be Unavoidable, And That’s Okay

Plenty of homeowners will exhaust all options to avoid their day in court for foreclosure proceedings. In this case, a Huntley, IL foreclosure defense lawyer can still seize victory for the borrower. Lawyers can argue that a lender broke the law or made glaring errors with regards to a given borrower’s loan. Foreclosure isn’t guaranteed until the court proceedings finish, and a defense lawyer is the best option for saving a home from being foreclosed upon.

Casement Group, P.C. is a law firm based in Elgin, Illinois, specializing in foreclosure defense. The firm works with individual clients to avoid foreclosure and keep families in their homes.

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