Dec 30, 2014

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A Few Ways To Get A Bright Smile

It was not all those many years ago when the only people who could afford cosmetic dental procedures were those who were involved in the entertainment business; movie stars, TV personalities as well as business executives. This is changing rapidly, today cosmetic dentists in Chicago are seeing people from all walks of life and the reason is simple; everyone wants the same bright, white teeth and wonderful smile that their movie idols have.

There is quite a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures available, the cosmetic dentists in Chicago are those best suited to suggest what procedures are best for you and which of them will best enhance your smile.

Teeth whitening: This may be the most popular of all cosmetic dental treatments, it can all be wrapped up in one hour in the dentist’s chair. There are even DIY kits available for those who prefer to do it at home, although it does take considerably longer than one hour. Teeth have a tendency to discolor over time; they stain and discolor from the effects of smoking and certain foods and beverages, teeth whitening can help considerably.

Veneers: Although teeth whitening do indeed whiten, it cannot help teeth which are chipped or cracked. Tooth veneers are very thin wafers of porcelain which are custom made and fitted to those teeth which are exposed when smiling. The veneers are very thin although the dentist does have to shave a thin slice off the surface of the tooth, they are fixed to the tooth with strong dental adhesive and rarely do they pose any problems.

Bonding: Bonding is a process that is used on a tooth that is discolored or perhaps has s light chip or crack. The cosmetic dentists in Chicago use a material which matches the tooth exactly, the material is bonded to the front of the tooth, hence the name of the procedure.

Crowns: Crowns are used if there is significant damage to a tooth or the tooth has been subjected to a root canal. The tooth is ground down, the porcelain or ceramic crown or cap is then fused to a metal backing and then fitted to the prepared tooth. Crowns are the ideal solution for teeth which are poorly formed, broken, chipped or suffer from extensive decay.

Implants: Implants are the third tooth that you never could have until the last few years. A tooth implant is a titanium stud which is imbedded directly into the jaw bone. Over time the implant fuses with the bone and can be thought of as the new “root.” Cosmetic dentists in Chicago then fit a crown to the top of the implant, the result is a perfect replica of the tooth it replaced, it looks and feels natural.

Cosmetic dentists in Chicago can do wonders for patients who have less than perfect teeth. If your smile is letting you down you are invited to make an appointment with Dental Magic, let them work their magic on you. For more information visit the site

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