A Few Tips to Prevent Chips or Cracks to Your Auto Glass in Maryland

You know how costly repairing auto glass in Maryland can be. No one wants to deal with that, so doing your best to prevent cracks or chips is something you should focus on. The following are a few tips meant to help with that, but you can talk to the people at Beltway Auto & Plate Glass for more tips.

Tips to Prevent Cracks or Chips


Extreme cold temperatures can hurt your windshield if you let it. Glass is susceptible to cracks if you change temperatures too quickly. Getting into your vehicle and turning the defroster or heater on full blast is not a good idea. Try to defrost gradually, or slowly turn up the heat.


Heat can also lead to cracks or chips by making your glass less stable, which makes it vulnerable to cracks and chips, much like cold temperatures. The solution is to keep your vehicle inside a garage where you can control the temperature. You should also do your best to park your vehicle in shaded areas where you’ll be away from the sun.


Practice smart and safe driving whenever possible to avoid having to repair or replace your auto glass in Maryland. What this means is doing your best to avoid driving too close to vehicles hauling debris, trash, or stones. This also means driving far enough from other vehicles that might be picking up debris, which can be blown your way. Never drive during a hail storm.

Beltway Auto & Plate Glass is a trusted auto glass repair company that has been working with people like you for a while, so if you do need help, visit Sitename to make your repair appointment.

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