Jan 9, 2015

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A Few Tips To Ensure You Get The Best Janitorial Services For Your Office

When you have made the decision to hire a company to perform all the necessary janitorial services in Oakland you need to first determine the services you need and then establish a budget. The budget for your cleaning services not only takes into account what you want to be done, it also takes into consideration the frequency of the service. If you think you only need the service once a week the cost will obviously far less than having the services daily.

Everything that the janitorial service company provides comes at a price, determine what is important and what is not. Many office managers arrange for simple services such as dusting, vacuuming, removal of trash, sweeping and other light tasks on a daily basis and then using the company as needed for periodic tasks such as window cleaning and carpet shampooing.

When you are considering the logistics of the cleaning service you have to take into account the activities that take place in your office during the day. In most cases the cleaning crew will have to come in after hours so that they do not disturb the activities of the employees.

Many office managers and building owners are conscious of the environment and the part they can play, this often translates into getting a company that offers janitorial services in Oakland that use eco-friendly cleaning products. While you are at it you should check to ensure the company is fully licensed, the employees and bonded and the company carried adequate liability insurance and workers comp for their crews.

It is often difficult to make a choice from advertising materials and from speaking to a rep from the company, what you need most is referrals from other businesses. If your office is located in a substantial building with a number of small offices you can often get a referral from other managers in the building, if this is not possible ask the company rep for a few current and past clients that you can talk to independently. After you have identified a couple of potentially good companies do not hesitate to contact the Better business Bureau in your area, if there are any unanswered complaints the BBB will know about them.

Part of the process is quality control, you want a company that provides you with a contact point that can address any and all of your needs, in the event of a problem or issue it is important to have a clear line of communication. Go to Maintenance Systems Management, Inc. for more information

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