Jan 3, 2015

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A Few Things To Know About Chimney Repair

The chimney on a home is one of those things that are rarely given any thought but just like other structural components that go to make up the house, the chimney also can develop problems. Due to the nature of the chimneys task many of the problems that might be experienced are unique, such things as the flue, cap and liner. Knowing a little about chimney repair in Columbus, OH can help you decide whether the problem is something you can tackle yourself or whether you should call for a professional.

One quite common problem, one that can be tackled by most homeowners is the chimney venting. This problem occurs when the mechanism that controls the opening and closing of the flue seizes up. This problem is caused by corrosion but it not difficult to solve. The mechanism is easy to get at, it can be cleaned of rust which restores the ability to control the flow of smoke and fumes from the fireplace.

Although it is easy to clean this mechanism, if it has deteriorated to the point where no amount of cleaning works then this is the point where you will have to call the experts at chimney repair in Columbus, OH. In many cases the damper is installed in such a way that to remove and replace it will be necessary to take away part of the masonry that goes to make up the chimney. When this is the case the flue liner and the masonry must be re-installed correctly otherwise there is a risk of suffocating smoke and gases in the home. Letting a professional do this work is highly recommended to avoid these dangers.

Over time mortar will shrink. This is also a potential problem with chimneys that most homeowners would not think about. When the mortar does shrink the chimney cap will open a little creating a slight gap between the cap and the chimney flue. If this is the extent of the problem most homeowners can repair this with masonry calk which can seal the slight gap. The only thing that needs to be done is to keep the caulk damp for two or three days which allows it to cure properly.

If you recognize a problem with your chimney and it seems to be beyond your skills don’t hesitate to call a professional. When the chimney is in good shape and working properly everyone living in the home will be safer.

The chimney of your home is extremely important and must be kept in good working order as a matter of safety for the occupants. Click here for more information.

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