Nov 19, 2013

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A few things to consider when buying a portable projector

Over the years the job of the travelling businessman has gotten progressively easier with the introduction of new technology. Imagine what it was like prior to the advent of the laptop computer or the smartphone. Adding to this improvement in performance of the travelling employee are portable projectors that can be set up quickly for a comprehensive and in-depth product presentation. Portable projectors can be used almost anywhere due to their compact size and they certainly eliminate the need for bundles of documentation and sales literature. When purchasing a portable projector, there are a few things to look for.

Brightness: These projectors can work anywhere but depending on the venue, the brightness levels may be different. If the presentations are being given in small rooms, a projector with 1000 to 1100 lumens is fine. If the presentation is in a larger room, the brightness should be more like 1500 lumens. Many companies purchase a projector with higher lumens as it allows presentations to comfortably given in any size room or setting.

Connections: Check the type of connections that are standard on the various portable projectors that are available. The more connections that the projector has; the better, if it has VGA, composite video, S-video, Ethernet and USB this is great. Many of the newest machines now come with slots that accept compact flashcards.

Remote control: This is a must when the projector is being used to make a presentation. In most cases the presenter wants to present his product from varying positions around the room, always from a distance from the projector. There are also projectors which have remotes that allow the presenter to move the mouse pointer on an accompanying laptop or PC. Remote controls are available wireless or wired, the best one is the one that is easy to use and responsive.

Size and weight: The definition of “portable” can be very different for different people. Make sure you pay attention to the physical size and weight of the projector to confirm that in your mind it really is portable. When portability is being considered, don’t forget to add the space and weight for the cables. If everything can comfortably fit in a laptop computer bag, you should be very happy.


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