A Few Basic Ideas for Drinks That Go Great With Wings in San Diego, CA

Wings are here, and they’re here to stay. Since they’re so popular, you may have tried all different types of sauces and dips, but have you tried wings in San Diego, CA, with a perfectly paired adult beverage? You may be surprised just how well the right cocktail or wine can make your taste buds pop even more when eating wings. Listed below are a few out-of-this-world options for wings drinks.

Bloody Mary

The Bloody is a classic, thick concoction that often shares the some of the same spices found in certain wings recipes. If you like your cocktails and your wings hot, then you can’t go wrong with this combo.

Apple Martini

Apples and wings? Who’d have thought they go well together? Probably not many people. But the tart character of the apple martini may be what many are looking for during and after wolfing down a hefty order of wings. The contrast between the tanginess of the apple martini and the sweet heat of the wings makes for an interesting delicious experience for sure.


You may be one of those who say that any wine would go great with an order of wings, and you’d probably be right. That said, there are a couple of guidelines for wine and wings if you’re looking for a little info. For example, if you like your wings hot, stick with light whites, because they will help quench the fire on your tongue. If a full-bodied red is what you really, want, then try a Zin with some mild wings. For the best wings in San Diego, CA, contact Regent Pizzeria today.

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