A Dripping Faucet: Is It A Serious Plumbing Problem?

In Marion, IA plumbing companies often are called out to address serious problems. Some did not start out that way. In fact, some emergency plumbing issues need not have been an emergency at all. In some instances, recognizing the problem and addressing it as soon as it occurs, can prevent a more serious emergency from developing. This certainly holds true for something as seemingly benign as a dripping faucet.

Dripping Faucets

We all have had them at one point or another. In fact, they may even have kept some of us up at night with their constant drip, drip, drip, into the basin, bath or sink. It is little wonder that plumbing companies consider them among the very worst of household plumbing problems. Persistent leaking, however, is more than an annoyance. It can become an expensive plumbing emergency. Dripping faucets:

  • Wear the enamel of the sink or tub

  • Erode away at the metal parts of the faucet as well as any metal hardware surrounding it

  • Cause deterioration around the metal leading to the sink pipes or bath tub drain

  • Negatively effect – warping or water staining the cabinetry holding the sink

  • Waste clean water

  • Increase the water bill alarmingly

Any of these factors should see you doing the right thing – replacing the faucet before you need to call in a plumber.

What Causes Dripping Faucets?

While several factors may cause a faucet to drip, the most common reasons are:

  • Torn rubber washer – many no longer have this problem but some faucets still do

  • Valve threads are worn down or out

  • Worn out washer screws

  • Damage to the seals or O rings

  • Worn out cartridge of a cartridge faucet

Simply put, in most cases, a dripping faucet indicates a worn out tap. If you have the skills and confidence, you can replace it on your own. If you do not have either of these or the time, call in your preferred respectable and vetted choice of the available plumbing companies to deal with the problem. They can apply the latest technology to make sure the dripping faucet is not indicative of a more serious plumbing issue.

If you live in the area, carefully select the best candidate from the most qualified Marion, IA plumbing companies available for the job. They will arrive, assess the problem and undertake the necessary work. They should be able to repair your leaking faucet in no time. They may recommend you replace an older malfunctioning unit with a washer less faucet. This will cut down some of the issues substantially. You can have your choice of double or single faucets as well. Qualified plumbing companies and their plumbers are always willing to offer solid advice on how to make your plumbing system operate better and their job easier.

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