Apr 22, 2013

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A Divorce Attorney Mankato Protects a Client’s Rights and Wealth

It’s hard to believe, but some husbands and wives can be surprised when they get served with divorce papers. When this happens they have to resist the temptation to believe everything will workout and hire the best Divorce Attorney Makato that they can find. Failure to act promptly means that the husband or wife who filed for divorce gains an advantage in the proceedings. It also means that they have time to clean out bank accounts, dissolve property or hide it in offshore accounts.

A good divorce attorney in Mankato works with enterprising private investigators and knowledgeable accountants. They can unearth the real reason for the divorce and use this to their client’s advantage in court. If a husband claims he has no money to pay both alimony and child support, but is then shown cavorting on a Caribbean Island with his mistress, the judge will be less accepting of his financial hardship. Marital assets are wealth that has been accrued during the marriage years. However, it’s not everything that husbands and wives have managed to acquire since their marriage. Gifts and some inheritances are excluded from the marital wealth category.

Most judges do attempt to split joint property evenly between the parties. But homes and business ventures can make this difficult. Add in a spouse that is not acting in good faith and it can become very difficult to know the difference between a company that is making money and one that is losing money. That’s when it’s important for a lawyer to work with a talented accountant who can spot the difference.

Acrimonious divorces get even more contentious when child custody and support are part of the debate. A father who wants to move on to another woman might be more than happy to let the mother have sole custody with minimum visitation rights. However, getting him to pay both maintenance and child support could be a problem. First he might agree to alimony just to get out of the marriage. But once free he may balk at the payments, move out of state to avoid them, and ignore the court’s requirements. That’s when a woman has to have an aggressive divorce attorney in Mankato that will continue to work with the court.

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