Oct 8, 2018

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A Dentist in Tacoma WA Can Create a Healthy and Beautiful Smile

A Dentist in Tacoma WA Can Create a Healthy and Beautiful Smile

People want their teeth to be healthy and beautiful. They know that they are judged by their appearance and want to put their best foot forward. Healthy teeth begin with regular dental checkups every six months. The dental hygienist will deep clean teeth and gums. This will prevent plaque and tartar from building up. She will also look for any dental problems. The Dentist in Tacoma WA will will also examine the mouth for any sign of oral cancer. Dentists find more of this serious disease than any other health professional. Finding it early, gives the patient the best chance of survival.

A professional Dentist in Tacoma WA may see a missing tooth and ask the patient if he has considered a dental implant. No only does an implant make a patient’s smile beautiful again, it helps the jaw stay strong. When the jaw no longer has a tooth to support, it looses size and mass. That can cause teeth on either side of the gap to eventually become unstable. Because the implant is inserted into the jaw, it stabilizes the tooth roots on either side of it. Once the implant is fully incorporated into the jaw, a porcelain grown is put on top of it. The result is so natural, few people will guess that it’s not a natural tooth.

A dental checkup at the Tacoma Gentle Dentist is also the perfect time for the patient to discuss an cosmetic dentistry concerns. Teeth whitening is the most often requested cosmetic procedure. Years of eating, drinking and smoking can yellow a person’s tooth enamel. Dentists can use the Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure to make teeth up to eight shades whiter. This teeth whitening method takes about 90 minutes. When the patient arrives the dentist thoroughly cleans the patient’s teeth. This ensures that the peroxide-based mixture sits evenly on the tooth enamel. After the dentist has brushed the whitening gel on the patient’s teeth, he aims a safe laser light at the patient’s mouth. The light stimulates the chemicals to take even more stain off of the patients teeth. The Zoom method also works on crowns and veneers as well as tooth enamel.

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