Feb 12, 2014

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A Dentist in Camp Hill, PA Keeps a Smile Healthy and Beautiful

People know that finding a dentist in Camp Hill, PA is important for their overall health. When an infection takes hold in their mouth, it can spread to other parts of their body including their heart. While some patients realize that gum disease is caused by bacteria, they often don’t realize that bacteria cause tooth decay as well. They think that cavities are holes in the teeth caused by normal wear and tear. Therefore they believe if they go easy on the tooth that they can avoid the dentist. Unfortunately this can lead to more serious problems. When patients see their dentist on a regular basis, small dental problems can be treated before they become a serious medical condition.

The dentist can also educate the patient on the proper way to floss and clean their teeth. If the dentist sees that the patient’s mouth has more bacteria than average, he can prescribe a mouthwash to keep the bacteria at a manageable level. This helps prevent both cavities and gum disease. He can also recommend that the patient strengthen their tooth enamel as much as possible with a prescription fluoride toothpaste. Cavities and accidents can happen despite the best preventative care. When the dentist finds a cavity, he drills away the bacteria and leaves the healthy enamel. He then uses a resin composite filling to match the tooth and patch the enamel. Very few people will ever look at the patient’s smile and be able to tell that they had a cavity.

If the patient is playing a sport and their tooth is damaged, they should contact the dentist in Camp Hill, PA immediately for an emergency visit. A cracked tooth should be treated as quickly as possible to prevent infection from setting in. The office staff will ensure that the patient is seen the same day. If just a corner of the tooth is broken, the dentist will be able to use a bonding technique to restore it. However if the majority of the upper tooth is damaged, then a porcelain crown will be necessary to protect the tooth. With dental checkups and regular at-home flossing and brushing, a crown lasts for many decades. It also looks like a natural tooth.

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