Sep 29, 2018

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A Dentist Can Help a Patient Select the Best Home Teeth Whitening Products

A Dentist Can Help a Patient Select the Best Home Teeth Whitening Products

Cosmetic dentistry has increased in popularity. Dentists are often asked what the best home teeth whitening products are. People don’t have the time or the budget to sit in a dentist’s office for a 90-minute treatment. They prefer the flexibility that comes with at-home whitening. Even after a dentist whitens their teeth, it’s necessary for the patient to follow up with at-home whitening treatments at prescribed intervals. Therefore dentists have learned that they have to offer both types of treatments.

There are several different options that dentists can provide their patients. A Deluxe Touch-Up Kit includes a cheek retractor, touch-up pen, whitening gel, and mini LED light. The dentist will show the patient how to use this kit and how often it should be used. This may be a more involve process than some patients are comfortable with. They are the perfect candidates for the Pre-Filled Whitening Tray Kit. It contains a two trays that have been pre-filled with a bleaching gel. The kit is available with gels of different strength. The dentist will determine which is appropriate for the patient. The patient simply removes the tray from the sealed pack and places the trays on the upper and lower jaws. They have to stay in place for 30 minutes to one hour. That determination is also made by the patient’s dentist.

Dentist Magnolia know that white teeth are important to their patients and therefore they strive to always have a variety of at-home treatment products that match their patient’s lifestyle. If the two kits described above are too complicated or intense for the patient. Then simple whitening pens may be the best home teeth whitening products for that patient. All he has to do is first brush and floss his teeth. Using an electric on sonic toothbrush can get off more plaque and tartar. This ensures that they enamel is clear and the bleaching pen is able to reach all areas. Whitening strips are also a popular alternative. If the patient follows the instructions and brushes and flosses beforehand, they can expect to see their teeth whiten by about four to six shades.

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