Jul 13, 2015

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A Deep Tissue Massage Can Reduce Symptoms of Chronic Pain

A Deep Tissue Massage Can Reduce Symptoms of Chronic Pain

Sometimes you feel pain coming on; however other times it seems to sneak up on you and you are in so much pain are ready to seek a doctor. All a doctor will do is prescribe medication for pain that will mask your symptoms and not treat the problem. A deep tissue massage will decrease pain, restore balance and posture, and can also break down scar tissue to improve range of motion. This type of massage uses firm strokes, pressure and slower strokes. A massage therapist may use their elbow, knuckles, thumb or finger for more pressure to focus on certain parts of your body.

Pain Relief without Pain Medication

When your body has suffered due to a car accident, past injury or muscle tension you may require chiropractic attention. Adhesions which are bands of rigid connective tissue can block oxygen, blood and waste product circulation. A deep tissue massage will help relax those muscles by increasing blood flow and oxygen into your muscles to remove metabolic and toxic wastes from overworked and sore muscles. You can get a deep tissue massage in Denver, CO which can also help with sports injuries and people recovering from a car accident by increasing the blood circulation in muscles that are not being used as much. Essentially a deep massage will relieve muscle tension throughout your whole body. Deep tissue massage can be a little intense but the end results will relieve your body of the pain you were having.

Get a Customized Massage for Your Needs

Each person has individual needs when it comes to a massage. A massage therapist will help you determine which type of massage is best for you and can tailor the massage to fit your needs. This can be anything from a deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, muscle energy techniques, or trigger point therapy. A professional massage therapist wants to help you be pain free and feel your best. With their help and guidance you can determine which type of massage will reduce stiffness and pain, muscle tension, and help you relax and recover swiftly. Also, if you any type of problem that does not allow you to lay flat comfortably, a massage can be done in a seated position to help make you as comfortable as possible. Your body deserves to be pain and tension free, which can be accomplished with a deep tissue massage. This holistic method will leave you feeling revitalized, refreshed and relaxed.

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