A Complete List of the Tools You’ll Need for a DIY Heater Installation

It’s always fun and fulfilling to complete DIY projects. Some people decide to try to do their own heating installation in St Louis. There’s nothing wrong with that because if you mess up, you can still call an HVAC professional to fix it. If you’re going to attempt a DIY heating installation in St Louis, here are the most important tools you’ll need.

Hand Tools

A variety of hand tools are needed to do the job. A great fiberglass hammer is strong and durable. A strong set of screwdrivers is also needed with multiple sizes. Wire strippers, wire cutters, and needle-nose pliers are a necessity. You may also want to have other types of pliers also. A pipe wrench is handy when working with furnaces. Of course, you should get a tape measure as well. Other hand tools to have are a staple gun, awl, and crimpers.

Electric and Power Tools

A multimeter can save you from getting electrocuted. You should also have a professional thermometer – not the one you use to check for fevers but a special HVAC thermometer. A high-quality cordless drill is a necessity. You should have a manifold gauge to find leaks and a turbo cutter for cutting pipes.

It can be expensive to rent all these tools, and even more expensive to buy them. You may want to consider letting a professional HVAC installer handle your heating installation. Unless you’re simply determined and qualified to do it yourself, Classic Aire Care can provide you with the best service in St. Louis and surrounding areas.

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