Nov 6, 2012

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A Closer Look At the Benefits Of A Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

The vertical ergonomic mouse has been around for a while and has quickly become one of the mice of choice for all business workers.  The vertical ergonomic mouse has a unique design that helps to keep the wrist and forearm in a neutral hand shake position.  Traditional mice have the hand in a more palm-down position.  The vertical position is also known as the handshake position.  The person who created this vertical ergonomic mouse did so in an effort to help people to be free from computer mouse injuries and strains.

The vertical ergonomic mouse looks very similar to a traditional mouse that has just been set up on its side.   Some of the differences in this type of mouse and the traditional mouse are that the placement of the buttons is quite different.  The buttons are located on the outside edge of the mouse with a place for your thumb located on the inside edge of the mouse.

The traditional mouse has two or three buttons and the vertical ergonomic mouse has five buttons.   The top button on the vertical ergonomic mouse is used like the traditional left click button, the middle button is used like the traditional right click button and  the scroll wheel is just like that one the traditional mouse and is used in the same manner.  The last two buttons are used for programmable functions.

All of the reviews of the vertical ergonomic mouse are quite good and everyone seems to like this product very much.  It allows the bones in your arm to lie in a more natural state than that of the traditional mouse.  With the traditional mouse your bones become all twisted and are put in a very unnatural state that can lead to severe pain after a number of years using the product.

Many people have claimed that anyone who uses a computer more than three days a week needs to go out and purchase a vertical ergonomic mouse right away and see and experience the difference. Others are saying that the vertical ergonomic mouse is comfortable, easily adapted to, and helps to promote a neutral wrist and forearm posture.

If you use a computer more than a few times a week for long periods of time whether for your job or for enjoyment, purchasing a vertical ergonomic mouse is a great idea for you.  This mouse will not cause excessive strain or fatigue to your hand and wrist muscles and joints.  No longer will you have to deal with pain such as this.  You can rest assured that all these pains and stresses can and will be eliminated from your life with the vertical ergonomic mouse.

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