Mar 15, 2019

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A Closer Examination Of The Poppet Check Valve

A Closer Examination Of The Poppet Check Valve

When it comes to allowing or stopping the flow in a highly pressurized application, such as in an engine, a specialized valve is required. One of the specialized options in valves used in these types of applications is known as the poppet check valve.

This is not a new type of valve, and it has been used in a wide range of applications since the mid-1800s. It responds to changes in pressure levels to open and close the valve that has a spring control to allow smooth opening and closing of the valve in combustion engines and exhaust systems.

Important Considerations

As with all types of check valves, the goal or the objective in using a poppet check valve is to eliminate any backflow through the system. In an engine, the requirement for an exact seal in the cylinder as well as in the exhaust system is essential for the correct operation and engine efficiency.

The poppet check valve is a valve that automatically lifts up and off the port, then, at the appropriate change in pressure or timing, it fully seats itself to provide backflow prevention. These valves are in continuous operation when the engine is running, so they are designed to be durable and rugged while also being manufactured to very exacting tolerances.

The design of the poppet valve is unique to the specific application. This includes developing the correct spring strength to control the operation of the valve. The incorrect pairing of a valve with the pressure in the system leads to efficiency problems and poor performance in the engine.

Due to their practical nature, poppet valves in different designs and configurations can be designed for a wide range of different operating conditionings including high temperatures and pressures as well as for use with different options in gases, liquids, and more viscous media.

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