Dec 21, 2016

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A Chicago Meeting Space that Impresses

There is a Chicago meeting space that is quite impressive. Whether you are trying to make a statement with new clients or you are looking for a comfortable space to get some training done with your teams, you want the space to be comfortable and impressive. The right Chicago meeting space will set the tone for the meeting.  There are plenty of times in business when you may need a meeting space:

* Host out of town clients
* Meet with larger than usual groups
* Launch a new product line
* Awards ceremonies
* Full corporate meetings
* Business to business development meetings
* Tradeshows
* Brainstorming outside the office
* Corporate training

The perfect space will offer you the room that you need in an environment that is aesthetically pleasing.

Making the Right Impression

When meeting with out of town clients or trying to lure new clients, it is important that you have a space large enough to host key players. If your conference room is lacking in size, stepping outside the office into a meeting space can make the type of impression that you are hoping to make.

A nicely appointed meeting space shows that you pay attention to the details and that you are concerned with everyone’s comfort. It leaves a positive impression.

Corporate Training Events

You can gather everyone in the same space, disseminate information and training materials at the same time. The right meeting space affords you the opportunity to gather everyone in the enterprise at one time, it is a cost effective, time effective solution.

Tradeshows, Product Launches and Other Events

Tradeshows and product launches require flexible meeting space, that can be customized to your groups specific needs. There is one venue that can be the perfect space for many different occasions. 19 East is the flexible space you want. For meeting space contact Food for Thought or visit website for more details.

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