May 22, 2014

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A Car Diagnostic in Boulder, CO Gets to the Heart of Auto Problems

People spend a lot of money to have nice vehicles, so it is important that they are well maintained. When there are any problems, it is important to take vehicles to licensed mechanics. They have special equipment that can easily diagnose just about any problem with a vehicle. Diagnostic testing on vehicles can pinpoint many different problems, including issues with the brakes, engine, transmission, gas tank, exhaust system, and the oil tank. Newer vehicles have computer systems, and these are linked to computers that scan all of the parts on a vehicle.

In 1996, it became mandatory for all vehicles sold in the US to have standard On-Board Diagnostics, version II (OBD II). This allows mechanics across the country to correctly diagnose problems on any vehicle using a single computer software program. No special software is needed for any type of vehicle, because they all have the same computer systems. A Car Diagnostic in Boulder CO involves a computer scan, which then creates a report that tells about any issues with a vehicle.

Doing this type of testing saves a lot of time and money. Where it used to often take many hours to figure out what was wrong with a vehicle, this testing can be done in a matter of minutes. That way, the mechanic can get right to work, and there is not nearly as much charged to the customer for labor. For instance, the check engine light coming on can mean a number of things, and a test will show what the problem is without the mechanic having to root around. A Car Diagnostic in Boulder CO can show mechanics a number of issues, including rpm levels, temperatures, engine buildup, timing problems, the throttle not opening properly, and much more.

Spruce Street 4X4 Auto Center has been serving area residents in Boulder, CO since 1960, and offers complete diagnostic testing services for all types of vehicles. All major repairs are offered, including brake repair, transmission repair, engine repair, and more on both domestic and foreign vehicles. All work is guaranteed, and comes with a two-year parts and labour warranty.

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