Jun 19, 2014

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A Business’ Outdoor Lighting Guides Clients Inside

Every business needs to consider what the outside of their establishment offers. Even if your business is not open during the darker evening hours, you should make sure the outside of your establishment is illuminated with commercial LED lights. It can be used as landscape lighting, or to illuminate a sidewalk or walkway. Not only does it improve the security of a building, it also offers an ambiance to the exterior of buildings. However, not just any lighting will due. There are many different companies to choose from when picking out commercial LED lighting for your business. Turn to the professionals when you need high quality commercial lights.

Choose Every Part of Your New LED Outdoor Lighting

The best part of ordering outdoor lighting from a professional lighting manufacturer is that you get to choose all of the details. You can design LED lighting from the base and clear up to the style of luminaire you desire. Companies that offer you personalized service will be able to give you suggestions and advice that can save you money when purchasing outdoor lighting.

Lighting Options

There are many lighting options starting with high intensity discharge. Two options that are HID include high pressure sodium and metal halide. You also have the choice of using the energy efficient LED lighting systems. No matter which type of lighting you choose, you are assured quality lighting that will illuminate walkways and sidewalks that would otherwise be dark and pose hazards.

What Positive Aspects Do LED Lights Have?

When you choose LED lighting, you will receive full brightness immediately when a light is on. The color and light are both high quality and are available in warm, neutral and cool color temperatures. Of course with outdoor lighting, depending on where it is located, temperature may not be of consequence. Besides being able to pick the type of LED lighting, you will find that your energy savings are significant. Businesses that use LED lighting are known to save up to seventy-five percent on their energy costs. That is a significant operating savings.

Less Work and Longer Life

Commercial LED lights are known to last fifty times longer than bulbs that are incandescent. They even last five times as long as fluorescent bulbs. This cuts down on maintenance and the cost of replacing bulbs often. LED lights are also very durable. They are certified via Energy Star and have a three year minimum warranty.

Brandon Industries Inc. is a leading manufacturer of commercial LED lights. Browse their user-friendly website to learn how you can create outdoor lighting for your business.

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