Apr 25, 2014

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A builder needs plans to build a house

Builders home plans are needed prior to the start of construction, these plans include all the documents, including specifications that the builder will need to guide them during construction. A typical set of builders home plans include floor plans, elevations, details and information pertaining to the buildings foundation, electrical design and plumbing layout. All of these detailed documents are prepared by architects and engineers and in many cases the actual drawings are produced by draftsmen.

Builders need complete plans and specs to guide them prior to construction as well as during and after. The drawings that are produced are usually two dimensional and contain all the dimensions and construction details that are needed to build the house. The drawings not only provide design guidance, the drawings include complete material specifications and the other materials that are needed for the construction. When the plans have been completed or purchased as a complete “spec house” they can be used to estimate the material take-off and the cost of construction.

Many sets of house plans are prepared by architects in co-operation with the owner who is the client. Based on the size of the lot and the lay of the land, the architect can marry the owner’s ideas with the physical aspects of the lot. It may take several attempts on the architect’s behalf to get a basic design that is fully compliant with what the owner wants. Not all builders home plans are custom prepared, many people opt to find an attractive design and purchase a set of drawings and specs from the designer, this approach is usually less costly as the same plans can be sold to multiple owners.

The size of the house depends to a great extent on the size of the family, the number of people that will live in the home. A very typical home will contain three or four bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, family room, multiple bathrooms and perhaps a great room. Other more costly homes will have a den, guest room or even a granny flat with a separate entrance.

The plans that are eventually developed and approved not only have to meet the expectations of the owner but they must meet several local restrictions and local building codes.

Builders home plans are available direct from WayCool Homes, Inc. Architect Phil Kean has developed a series of plans for homes ranging from traditional to modern, the plans can be purchased direct by the owner or the builder.

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