Apr 30, 2019

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A Brilliant Smile with Veneers in Laguna Hills, CA

A Brilliant Smile with Veneers in Laguna Hills, CA

Do you have uneven, discolored or wide gaps in your smile? Fortunately, an innovative dental restoration called veneers may be a perfect solution for a brilliant smile. In just a few short visits to your cosmetic dentist, your smile can be restored with stain resistant materials that have a naturally glossy appearance. Learn more about dental veneers in Laguna Hills, CA and how they can give you a beautiful smile.

What are Veneers?

Dental veneers are extremely thin wafers or shells that are strong and can be matched to the color of your existing teeth or to the color you desire. Veneers can be made of composite metals and fillers that resemble the natural look and feel of your actual teeth. Usually made of porcelain, veneers may last for years with proper care and maintenance.

Veneers in Laguna Hills, CA may be used to perfect the discoloration, gaps or to straighten a portion of misshapen teeth or your entire smile. This restoration process is also excellent for crooked or crowded teeth that diminish a smile. In a few visits, people can gain the smile they have always desired.

The Process for Veneers

Typically, the dentist may wish to minimally reduce the enamel on your teeth to straighten and align your smile. Next, a cast is made of your prospective smile and veneers for each tooth are created in a dental laboratory.

On the following visit, the cosmetic dentist will place the veneers on your teeth, ensure they are straight and the color is a match to your existing or desired teeth. Once you and your dentist are satisfied, your teeth will be cleaned and prepared for the permanent placement of your veneers in Laguna Hills, CA.

The dentist bonds the veneers to your teeth permanently with powerful dental cement and may use a special light to set a strong bond. Depending on your particular needs, he may apply dental sculpting to certain teeth that need extra attention. Once completed, you may need a third visit for touchups or a follow up appointment. Your smile will be beautiful, straight and even.

Veneers are very popular and people who have many different problems with their teeth are finding them as an excellent solution to a brilliant smile. For those who do not want to wear braces, replace their teeth with caps or simply want a fast result for a beautiful smile, Veneers in Laguna Hills, CA may be a perfect solution for a perfect appearance.

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