A Brief Volvo History

Volvo is a company that has and continues to produce any number of vehicles. They produce, promote and distribute buses, trucks and construction equipment. In the past, they also manufactured cars and agricultural equipment. Today, the Volvo car is no longer a product of the original company. Nevertheless, you can still find plenty in Illinois and many customers still purchase them and take their vehicles for Volvo service in Chicago when something goes wrong.


The Beginning of the Volvo

Like a few of today’s vehicle producers, the company began small. In fact, some companies did not begin their existence as a car manufacturer. Volvo began to produce their first car in 1924. This new company, created in 1915, was a subsidiary of a Swedish ball bearing producer known as AB SKF. The decision to attempt to make a Swedish car was the decision of the two founders – Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson. It was not to roll off the production lines as Volvo ÖV4.

These were the first steps of what became a major manufacturer of vehicles. Cars, trucks and buses of various types came off the line as the company grew and established itself in the business as a contender. These included the Series 3 Volvo Trucks in 1930 and the PV654 the company’s very first luxury car.

Throughout the 1930s exports continued to grow. It was only when World War II came that the company began to focus on the war effort with cars taking a back seat. After the war, although much needed to be done, the company got back on track. They began to produce and sell a variety of vehicles suitable for handling rough terrains and the real environment. They set up shops and arranged for Volvo service in their markets around the world. This was to be their pattern as they marketed their quality vehicles in an increasingly global market.

End of an Era

In 1999, Volvo came to a momentous decision. They decided to sell off their car division. This was the Volvo Car Corporation. Instead, the immense corporation decided to focus on construction equipment, trucks and buses. Ford Motor Company purchased the Volvo Car Corporation in 2000. This, however, did not last long. They sold it in 2010 to Geely Automobile of China. This does not affect Volvo service in Chicago or elsewhere in North America. The legacy of the car still remains.

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