Aug 19, 2014

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A 24 Hour Heating Service is Available in Farmington, CT

Your heating system could fail on the coldest night in a Connecticut winter, and not because of bad luck. If you have not had your furnace inspected before the season began, then any potential problems will go unnoticed until they become a problem on a cold night. This is when you want the heating service in Farmington, CT to be available 24/7/365, and they will be.

The furnace is made of several parts and some of the parts can develop problems over time, and then one cold night they will become big problems. Some of the parts which can result in a need for an emergency service call are the thermocouple, gas valve, and the heat anticipator. Wire connections can become loose at anytime if they have not been securely fastened. The vibration of the furnace can result in a wire becoming just loose enough to stop the furnace from working. The thermostat may become inoperable which means that there is no signal to the furnace to provide heat.

Every homeowner should have a pre-season inspection of their furnace and the heating system. This means checking the flue for carbon monoxide which is an odorless and deadly gas. Every year families die in their sleep because carbon monoxide is escaping into the home.

Every vent should be checked to ensure that each vent is putting out the same air temperature. If a vent is not, then there might be a blockage in the vent supply system. The comfort level of the home can be increased by finding the cause of the heat differential between rooms.

The heat exchanger may not become an emergency call, but it can create carbon monoxide. The manifold gas pressure should be tested to ensure it is set properly. A check for gas leaks should be made.

There are other parts which the heating service in Farmington, CT can check to ensure you are getting the maximum operating efficiency with the most energy savings. A furnace can waste gas which you have paid for when the burner air adjustment needs to be made.

Being proactive with your heating system is going to improve your comfort level and save energy costs. You will also increase the safety level for your family. You will achieve greater operating efficiency with less wear on the critical furnace parts. Instant Response Plumbing and Heating Inc. can perform this inspection.

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