6 Ways to Making Better Cakes

It takes skill and experience to decorate cakes. That shouldn’t stop you from giving it a try if you’re new at this, though. If you’d like your cake decorating skills to include turning batter into frosting and using toppings to create a remarkable centerpiece, read on for wonderful ideas and tips:

Pick a pipe

Start with piping. Pipe your frosting through a pastry bag. Different tips will create different effects on your cake so you’ll want to keep that in mind. For instance, round tips are ideal for lines, dots and writing while star tips are perfect if you want to decorate your cake with flowers, decorative borders, shells and flowers, says the Better Homes and Gardens (BHG).

Know the basics

Read tips and instructions on how to fill up the bag with frosting. Basic mistakes could easily derail your cake-decorating results later on so you’ll want to master the steps to keep that from happening.

Buy a turntable

If you’re serious about improving your skills as a cake maker, then it’s a sound move to invest in professional turntables. Not only will these tables make it easy for you to decorate cakes, you’ll have an easier time experimenting and trying out other designs and ways to apply frosting to your cake.

Get those toppings

You can make your own toppings or use fruits like pecans, slivered almonds, whole small berries or even sliced fruit for a creative and show-stopping centerpiece. You could also make your own fondant figures.

Personalize it

Love The X-Files? How about The Stranger Things? The Beatles, Cookie Monster? If you’ve got the skill and talent to turn fondant into miniature figures, that’s going to take your decorating skills to the next level.

Shop without worries

Don’t compromise on the quality of your professional turntables, molds and other supplies. Get them from reputable shops like the N.Y. Cake for the best results.

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