Mar 8, 2016

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6 Tactical Gear Basics Airsoft Players Can’t Live Without

6 Tactical Gear Basics Airsoft Players Can’t Live Without

New to airsoft gaming? Not exactly sure what gear to get? When you become a part of the airsoft community, one of the first things you’ll need to learn about is tactical gear. Airsoft Dome defines tactical equipment as any gear that’s handy or useful in combat operations. That covers quite a lot of ground since there are a lot of gears out there that fit the bill. Confused? Here are a few basic tools to help give you a solid idea on what you should shop, buy and look for:

  1. Body Armor. This one is indispensable and likely one of the first purchases you’ll make. Since it’s responsible for providing your body, especially your torso, chest and back wdith protection, you’ll need to make sure you pick an excellent one.

  2. Backpacks and Pouches. Your blue jeans can’t accommodate all your gear. That’s why you need a sturdy backpack and pouches to store whatever equipment you aren’t using at the moment while still having it within easy reach.

  3. Gear for Extreme Weather. Not all your airsoft games will happen under great, sunny weather. Some might take place under cold or heavy rain. While this amps up the fun and challenge, it also requires you to put on additional protective gear so you won’t have to suffer from prolonged exposure to the cold.

  4. Helmets. With all the pellet whizzing and resulting debris, it’s best to have a helmet on all the time. This way, if a pellet grazes on your head or if you lose your footing, you won’t have to suffer from any extensive head injuries. Your helmet will keep that from happening.

  5. Utility Belt. You need to be able to access a lot of items in record minutes while you’re on the field. Having a utility belt makes that handy.

  6. Tools and Knives. If you and your airsoft pals plan on having a wilderness survival game, make sure you’ve got knives and tools to help you survive the missions. Always keep these tools properly secured. You wouldn’t want any unfortunate accidents with knives to get in the way of an intense, one-for-the-books airsoft game.

These six tools are the most important things you can have when you show up for a game, so always make sure you’ve got these covered. For more information on tactical gear and where to buy them, visit Airsoft GI.

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