Mar 7, 2019

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6 Factors That Can Help Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs

6 Factors That Can Help Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs

Skyrocketing prices for car insurance can put a hole in your monthly budget. Find out what factors affect your auto insurance in Ponte Vedra Beach and use that knowledge to wrestle your insurance costs back down to earth.

Your age and gender

The high incidence of car accidents involving teen drivers and alcohol often make for high rates for young men over young women. On the other hand, older men tend to have better rates than older women, Money Crashers says.

Your marital status

Married people, especially those with kids, tend to be much more careful behind the wheel. That often nets them better rates for auto insurance in Ponte Vedra Beach than single people. If you just got married, don’t forget to register the change. Put that on your application. It may help you get a lower rate.

Your style of driving

If you have a clean driving record, then that’s a point in your favor. Insurance companies often take a dim view of anyone with a troubled driving history. If you don’t even have a single speeding ticket, then you can look forward to getting better rates when you apply for insurance.

Your location

You can expect rates in densely populated cities to be much higher than rates in suburban neighborhoods. That’s one of the many advantages of moving out of the city.

Your work

If you spend a lot of time on the road, then that means you are at greater risk of getting into an accident. If that is your line of work—you’re a driver, for instance—then you are likely to get a higher insurance rate.

Your car

The vehicle you drive can also lower your insurance. Cars loaded with safety features reduce the costs of repair and prevent accidents, which makes them ideal for insurance companies. That’s why they get lower rates.

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