5 Ways Physical Therapists Improve Your Recovery

In the last decade the use of physical therapists has increased dramatically in the recovery process for all types of injuries. This includes injuries from trauma and accidents as well as injury from medical conditions such as strokes, heart attacks, neurological health and even congenital health issues.

The use of physical therapists in all different types of settings from hospitals and sports medicine clinics to rehabilitation centers, sports teams and in specialized practices is steadily on the rise. There are several reasons why this is the case, but the biggest advantage is the enhanced recovery offered for patients using physical rehab services over those not using the services.

Reducing Pain

During interaction with patients, physical therapists in Venice will use a range of different manual manipulation methods as well as specific equipment to stimulate blood flow to the affected joint, muscle or body part. This added blood flow and stimulation of the nerves can help to control pain and to decrease swelling, reducing or even eliminating pain naturally and without the need for medications.

Increased Speed of Recovery

With additional blood flow, and structured and careful exercising of the injured parts of the body, healing recovery times will decrease. Attending sessions with physical therapists will keep your recovery on track and will also address possible issues such as the development of scar tissue which can slow down healing.

Better Movement

One of the advantages of seeing physical therapists, especially after an injury, is to learn better ways to use your body which will help reduce the risk of re-injury of the muscle, joint or body part. Often people have been lifting wrong or have problems with their gait or their posture which contributed to the initial injury. Learning healthier ways to move is always an additional benefit.

Increased Range of Motion

For many people, especially as they age, decreasing range of motion becomes a very real problem and risk for injury. By seeing physical therapists to stretch and maintain the range of motion in hips, knees, wrists, shoulders and back there is much less chance of injury or pain.

Learning Again

For anyone who has had a stroke or other neurological condition, physical therapists will be instrumental in retraining the individual to walk, move, balance and stay as mobile as possible. Stroke patients may need to learn to walk again, often with assisted devices such as walkers, canes or even braces.

Working with physical therapists is an important part of the recovery process. Through stretching, strength building, and learning more effective movement options, the therapy will also help to prevent future repeat injuries.

At Total Therapy Florida our physical therapists have years of experience in working with all types of patients. To learn more about how we can help contact us.

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