5 tips for choosing high-quality body jewelry

When it comes to choosing body jewelry, it can be tempting to pick up whatever’s on offer at your local piercing parlor; but hold it right there!  Whilst stainless steel and titanium body jewelry are great, they’re not for everyone; in fact, they can even cause irritation for some people.  Using other metals such as silver is also not a great idea – silver tarnishes easily and can cause infection and irritation, particularly if used in a piercing which hasn’t yet healed.  So, how do you choose high-quality body jewelry?

#1. Opt for high-quality metal

Gold body jewelry is increasing in popularity and although you’ll often pay more for it, it will last a lifetime. A piece of gold jewelry also makes a great gift, whether it’s a nose stud or lip piercing jewelry such as a rose gold ring of 14k.

#2. Make sure it’s well made

Make sure any piece of body jewelry you buy has been professionally made and designed for use as body jewelry – sticking an ordinary earring in your nose isn’t a good look. Make sure there are no rough or sharp edges when buying body jewelry.

#3. Shop around

Always ensure you buy from a reputable body jewelry store either in person or online. If shopping online, check their previous customer testimonials and their information page to find out more about the company before placing your order.

#4. Invest wisely

Don’t be tempted by the cheapest body jewelry on offer – this usually means it isn’t particularly high quality.  Always read the product description and be sure you know what you’re buying.  Remember that you shouldn’t change your piercing jewelry until you’re sure your piercing has healed fully, or you could cause irritation.

#5 Go for gold

Remember that gold body jewelry will usually be very high quality, but ensure that you buy from a reputable retailer. 14k rose gold rings look great in your nose or your navel but you should always be sure you’re buying the genuine product!

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