Jun 1, 2017

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5 Things You Don’t Not Know About Event Tents

5 Things You Don’t Not Know About Event Tents

Whether an event or exhibition is outside or inside, event tents can be utilized for multiple reasons. Although most individuals think about the traditional white canvas square tent as the typical event tent, nowadays custom tents for events based on a brand’s overall look and personification can be created. Tents can either be custom made for a specific event, or made especially for a brand to be utilized at all events the brand attends. Here are a few things which custom event tents are able to do for a brand.

1. Event Tents Come In All Shapes & Sizes

Although a big box retailer might only sell the typical square tent, a custom tent for an event can be any shape or size. From obscure structures to mega sized areas, a tent designer is able to design and construct the tent accordingly to the need.

2. Canopy Exchange

Once a company has constructed a specific tent, the tent can be utilized with different canopy designs. For exhibitions with specific themes, brands can just switch out the canopy for a different design in order to follow the theme of the event without having to invest in a completely new structure.

3. Additional Fabric Draping

A tent generally comes with a canopy and the metal rods to assemble it. However, additional fabrics can be draped on and within the tent to cover the metal rods and change the look and feel of the space.

4. Creating a Brand Experience

When an exhibition visitor enters a tent, the individual ought to have an overall feeling of the brand. Utilizing the retail space within a custom tent to design a complete brand experience allows the visitor to have a memorable showing.

5. Tents are Modular

Customized tents are modular and additional tents can be added on depending on the rented retail space within the event.

Overall, customizing a tent and utilizing it in different ways accordingly to an event enhances the brand’s presence overall.

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