5 Things to Help You Choose the Best Criminal Lawyer

Finding legal help when you’ve been charged with a crime is the first step to extricating yourself from that less-than-ideal situation. If you want to be represented in court by the best attorney, here are hiring considerations to remember.

Level of Experience

When looking for the best criminal lawyer to take up your case, you want an attorney with extensive experience in and out of court. If they’ve been providing legal assistance for years, you’re in the right place. Their knowledge of how the law works and their experience will ensure that they can provide the best support for you.

Local Connections

Look for a lawyer with established relationships. Someone who’s worked criminal cases before and defended clients with the same charges or nearly the same offenses will also know the prosecutor inside and out. That familiarity and relationship can give your team an advantage when your lawyer starts building your case.


What training and level of education does your lawyer have? Check if they are board certified, especially in criminal law. You want a lawyer who is proficient in criminal law cases and not a general practitioner whose only cases involved dealing with a client’s parking tickets or speeding offenses.


Talk to the lawyer in person. You can also do a video call. That face-to-face meeting can help you get a better sense of the lawyer and determine if they’re the right person to help you.


Ask about the fees. What is the payment structure? What payment methods are recognized? Some lawyers charge an hourly rate, while others have a specific rate for certain legal tasks. Some new lawyers charge low fees, but if the fees are much too low, that’s a warning sign. The attorney may not be capable of providing the legal support and help your case needs.

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