Jul 22, 2015

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5 Things to Consider When Hiring an Airbrush Artist or Airbrush Party Favor Company

5 Things to Consider When Hiring an Airbrush Artist or Airbrush Party Favor Company

Airbrushing, (also called graffiti art) adds a touch of artistic flair to your clothing and serves as a wonderful party favor for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s or any other party imaginable. It allows you and your guests to project their inner artistic personality onto a wearable T-shirt, Hat, Sweatshirt etc… The technique can be used to paint graphics, logos, images, text messages, and more on almost any kind of clothing.

However, here are 5 things you should consider before hiring any Airbrush party favor entertainment company for your upcoming event in NY or Long Island.

1. What does their website look like and who is showing up to your event – using google, you’ll se there is no shortage of airbrush party companies in NY and Long Island and a good way to differentiate if an “Artist” from a real airbrush company is showing up, or a “hired gun” for the night is to look at their website. Does the airbrush site look “thrown together” (disorganized) or is professional looking?

Does the company seems to focus on AIRBRUSH PARTIES (that’s who you want) or is their focus more on airbrushing Motorcycles or helmets (and parties are just an “added thing” for when they are slow). This will make a HUGE difference on who will be showing up to your event, so take this into consideration.

2. Lowest price – watch out for the lowest price airbrush artists on the internet. If there is about a $75-$100 difference in price per hour for service, steer clear, because they may not have the skill set or experience in dealing with children at events that a more properly priced company offers. They may also not work with a proper contract (which doesn’t protect you if they don’t show up), or want to be paid cash only.

3. Clothing Type and Design – The best airbrush clothing party companies in NY and Long Island allow you to choose your own clothing, design, style, and even the message and the font size, type, and colors. They also bring a display board so kids can choose quickly, ensuring all the guests receive an airbrushed item at your party. A GOOD, EXPERIENCED company should be able to handle on average, 18 items per hour. If they can only handle 15 or so per hour, you might get stuck booking them for more hours, and end up paying more than you would have with another company. Common airbrushed clothing items are t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, socks, sweat pants, and hats.

4. Online Reviews – you wouldn’t hire a plumber or contractor without reading some reviews first, would you? And on such an important day such your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or Sweet 16, this should play a crucial role in your decision making process, so make sure the NY / Long Island airbrush company you have in mind has a boatful of reviews online.

5. Insured – if you are having your Mitzvah or Sweet 16 at a catering hall in New York City or any of the boroughs or in Long Island, MOST catering halls REQUIRE that your airbrush company is fully insured. Make sure you ask this question because if they are no insured and you already booked them, the caterer will not allow the artist into the building.

In 2015, Most reputable airbrush companies in NY / Long Island generally start their rates anywhere around $275 – $325 per hour which may or may not include clothing and can usually complete, on average about 18 pieces per hour. Companies who are charging significantly less than the “industry standard” may not be the companies you are looking for the all the aforementioned reasons above.

Looking to hire an airbrush artist or airbrush party favor company for your Bar / Bat Mitzvah, or Sweet 16 event in New York City (NY) or Long Island, Visit Masters Of Fun Entertainment.

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