Nov 23, 2015

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5 Reasons Why Commercial Cleaning Services Matter

Small Business Chronicle mentions how important clean offices are to the success of an organization and its employees. That’s why you spend a lot on hiring a good cleaning crew, one that will leave the desks and tables gleaming with nothing but shine and polish. But why does a clean office really matter? Read on for why:

1. Ensures hygiene standards and levels. The first consideration involves the health and safety of your employees. Sanitized environments will ensure your employees are safe from microbes inside the office. Less microbes mean healthier employees who, because they’re healthier, can work harder, faster, and better than everyone else.

2. Builds employee confidence. A pantry that isn’t regularly cleaned or a company that skips a commercial cleaning services sends out a message to its employees: that you don’t matter enough so we don’t clean this up. That’s irresponsible. Also asking your employees to clean some of the areas won’t work either. After all, they don’t have the right tools, gear and detergents to use. So they won’t be able to do a proper job of it.

3. Affects company reputation. If you’ve got a shabby office and word of that gets around, then you can expect some of your customers to rethink their decision to continue or renew professional ties with your organization. They’re backing out because a shoddy office can reflect shoddy workmanship or work ethics as well and that’s not something clients want to see in their potential business partners.

4. Keep your best hires away. If you need to hire someone with specialized skills and a college diploma from a reputable university, one look at your poorly-maintained office – layers of dust on the furniture, deeply stained carpets in desperate need of washing – and run. You can hardly impress and recruit the best talents if your office isn’t looking at its best.

5. Drive your best people away. If you do ever manage to hire sensible, hard-working people, you’ll lose them soon enough. They’re just biding their time, looking for a better position or another job. That’s because anyone who has to contend with a dirty pantry – a space primarily designated for employees. If it’s dirty, then what kind of service can you expect from the company itself? If it’s bent on saving costs instead of improving the lives of its employees?

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