Mar 15, 2016

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5 Reasons to Install a New Terrazzo Floor

5 Reasons to Install a New Terrazzo Floor

Your floor is one of the most important features in your home. For example, as soon as you enter a home the floor is one of the first things you notice, because you have to walk on it. You can brighten up your house with a beautiful new Terazzo floor and it may be much easier than you think.

What is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo refers to composite flooring and it may contain bits of granite, glass, quartz, or other materials. The material utilizes a binder of epoxy or other substance to hold everything together, suspend the particles, and bond to the floor or wall surface. It’s possible to create many different looks with this kind of floor.

Benefits of Terrazzo

Here are five good reasons to go with Terrazzo when you choose flooring.

1. Durability

If you are looking for flooring you can install and not have to worry about replacing, Terrazzo is an excellent choice. It is very hard and durable and will last a very long time. It is also highly resistant to wear and tear and scratches, and this helps to keep your Terrazzo flooring looking impressive and in good shape for many years to come.

2. Easy Maintenance

Your new Terrazzo floor will be very simple to take care of. Cleaning will not be a problem because it is non porous. Most spills will simply wipe right off. When you compare this to flooring like carpets, there really is no comparison.

3. Elegance

There is something about Terrazzo that says “elegance”. Your floors will be as beautiful as they are durable. In addition, you can choose from a wide variety of patterns and designs. Terrazzo will fit in with a lot of different decors and when you change your home or office, the floors will always be in style and look good.

4. Good for the Environment

Today, everyone should be concerned with the environment and preserving the eco system. Many landfills have become full and recycling is not getting the job done. Terrazo is considered “green” because there are no toxic materials used in the manufacturing or installation processes.

5. Cost Effective

Terrazzo may cost more to install than other floors. However, when you figure in the low maintenance, high durability and long life, you are saving money over the course of time. In fact, by the time other types of flooring are worn out and being replaced, your lovely Terrazzo floor will still be going strong.

If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of a Terrazzo floor, come to Dex-O-Tex. We offer a wide range of flooring options for commercial and residential applications and you can visit our home on the Web today at for more details.

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