5 Reasons to Call Electrical Contractors in Chicago Heights IL

Where electrical wiring and electricity are concerned, most homeowners have limited knowledge. Without the right training, it’s hard to understand the work what Electrical Contractors in Chicago Heights IL do. In this guide, readers will learn when to call an electrician.

Fuse Boxes and Circuit Breakers

If there are problems with blown fuses and tripped circuit breakers, it’s time to call an electrician. Most people assume that breakers need to be reset and fuses must be replaced, which isn’t the case. When fuses are blown and circuit breakers are frequently tripped, they point to dangerous issues that should be handled by a professional.

Lights That Flicker

If the home’s lights flicker when appliances are used, it’s a good idea to call in a pro. Many of today’s motorized appliances draw a great deal of current, and as such, they should have a dedicated circuit.

Adding Outlets

Shockingly, hundreds of homes still have cords running along baseboards and under rugs. This typically indicates a lack of electrical outlets. Adding more sockets is an easy job for an electrician, and it helps to make the home safer for everyone.

Outdated Sockets

There aren’t many left, but they’re still out there. If a family still lives in a home with two-prong sockets, it’s likely that the wiring and grounding are very out of date. If the home’s electrical system isn’t properly grounded, everyone inside may be at risk of electric shock.

Shocking or Warm Surfaces

If the home’s power points, switches, and other electrical components are hot or shocking to the touch, there’s surely a problem within the circuit. Odds are, the circuit can’t meet the home’s electrical demands, and it’s important to find solutions that make things safer. If there are shocking or warm surfaces in the home, they should be followed up with a call to Electrical Contractors in Chicago Heights IL.

Don’t Put the Family at Risk. Call Today

While homeowners may feel confident in handling electrical repairs, this type of work is dangerous and should be handled by the pros. Call Bates Electric Inc today to schedule service or to learn more about their services and products.

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