5 Questions to Ask About Towing in El Cajon

Searching for a towing company often happens on the side of the road after car trouble or an accident. The search can be rushed, stressful, and frustrating. Here are some good questions to ask to ensure you are hiring the right company for Towing in El Cajon.

What Vehicles Does the Company Tow?

Some towing companies can handle towing a car just fine, but an owner of a broken-down RV may not have the same luck. Other companies, like USA Towing & Recovery, state on their website that they also can tow RVs and semi-trucks.

When Will the Truck Arrive?

Small towing companies may have only a few trucks. If those are currently in use, it can take hours to finally get an open tow truck. Ask for a time estimate, as well as if that estimate is based on an already free truck versus one that has to finish another job first.

Is the Company Licensed?

Anyone hired to tow a vehicle should be licensed to tow in El Cajon. Ask if they are registered and insured in case of damage to the car during towing. While towing should not damage the vehicle, make sure there is a system in place if damage occurs.

How Much Will Towing Cost?

Costs can vary between companies, so it is important to ask for a quote. Because there are several options for Towing in El Cajon, get more than one quote before hiring a company. Agreeing on the cost before pickup can also help avoid surprise fees.

Will the Company Work with Insurance?

This is an important question for both the towing company and the insurance company. An insurance company should be able to say whether emergency towing is covered. The towing company should be able to explain what will be billed to insurance and what may be owed by the car owner upon pickup.

Some Final Thoughts

Hiring the right towing company can mean a faster pickup, fewer unexpected fees, and a better experience. Asking the right questions before the tow truck arrives will ensure the best company for the situation is hired. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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