Aug 7, 2015

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5 Main Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most leading problems experienced by people nowadays. Lack of exercise, proper diet, and spending long hours sitting in front of the computer are the main reasons that lead to discomfort and pain in the back, shoulders, and neck. Back pain can be caused by various different reasons. Chiropractic care is one of the most effective means of back pain relief.

Let’s first look at the six main causes that lead to back pain:

1. Subluxation
Subluxation or vertebral misalignment is occurs if your lower back had been subjected to chronic postural strain or stress due to which the vertebrae joints lock up. When this isn’t treated, the surrounding muscles start tightening and the nerves become irritated. Subluxations are main malfunction which chiropractors treat to relieve the back pain.

2. Back Sprain or Strain
Sprains and strains of back are a result of overstressing of ligaments (sprain) or muscles (strain) by either an imbalanced posture or physical activity. Minor strains will lead to stiffness and pain with in the back muscles. Contraction of the affected muscles aggravates strains. Mild pains can be easily resolved with a few days’ rest. However, severe sprains and strains which are caused due to strenuous activity like automobile accidents, gardening, work, sports, or any other activity, can take longer to heal.

3. Degenerative Disc Disease
This is the most common cause of back pain. With continuous lifting, twisting, bending, and past trauma like lifting accidents or injuries, the cushions or discs between spinal bones start losing water and being deteriorating. As the disc starts to deteriorate, it shrinks which creates tension within the joints of the back and in some cases, even around the nerves which results in leg and back pain.

4. Osteoarthritis
The inflammation of joints is arthritis and there are several forms of arthritis which affects the spine. The most common by far is osteoarthritis. This involves the breakage of joint’s cartilage surfaces causing the joint to lose its typical movement. Cartilage starts becoming thinner, the bone spurs start growing around the area in order fuse the joint shut. Osteoarthritis is referred as the wear and tear arthritis as it is caused due to prolonged standing postural stresses, repetitive use, and past trauma.

5. Sciatica
This is the pain which travels down to the buttocks, and all the way to the foot. Sciatica is named after the big sciatic nerve which originates from the branches in lower back in order to provide the lower extremity. This can be caused by various conditions including tumors, stenosis, herniation or bulging, disc disease, strains, tight buttock muscles, and subluxation.

These are the major five causes of back pain and through proper chiropractic care and treatment you can gradually start experiencing back pain relief and the problem will be eliminated.

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