Sep 23, 2014

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5 Good Reasons to Become a Cat Owner

5 Good Reasons to Become a Cat Owner

There has been a war between cat and dog persons and it won’t end anytime soon. However, if you like cats, you should know that there are a lot of benefits for having a new pet.

You are supposed to be smarter

Although some say that it is not true, according to an independent study, the cat owners are smarter than dog owners both in terms of overall education level and IQ score. However, it’s not the cats making people smarter. The majority of cat owners have a demanding job with long working hours and so a cat is the perfect pet for them because they don’t require too much attention; you just have to feed them, groom them and take them to the vet.

Owning a cat is environment friendly

In case you are worried about the environment, you should know that owning a cat has a smaller carbon footprint than owning a dog. According to a study conducted in 2009, feeding a dog during its lifetime has the same carbon footprint as a Hummer. On the other hand, cats eat less and they are more likely to eat fish and similar foods rather than flavored products, so their carbon footprint is about the same as a Volkswagen Golf’s. This may be something your vet never told you about.

Cats can help you cope

In case you suffer the loss, you should get a cat. They seem to help people cope with the pain and cat owners show less signs of emotional pain. Although they are only animals, they can be really supportive. Furthermore, cat owners admit to talking to their pet because they don’t have to be afraid of the pet judging them.

A cat can get you a date

In case you are a single guy, you should know that women are attracted to men who like animals. Owning a dog also works, but women say that the cat owners are much “nicer”. Even if it may only be a stereotype, women often think that cat owners are more thoughtful and more sensitive. However, you have to remember that having a cat is for life, not only until you get a date.

Cats are good for your heart

Owning a cat is good for your heart because they lower the stress level and also lower the anxiety in your life. Petting a cat really calms people down and according to a study, having a cat for ten years decreases your chances of dying of a heart attack by 30%. Having a cat is a lot of responsibility. You have to make sure that they are well cared for and you also have to make regular trips to the vet. For more information visit All Creatures Hospital, Inc.

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