5 Best Tips and Advice for Mold Remediation in Berkeley

Mold infestation requires immediate removal; otherwise, it will cause great health complications. Small mold infestation is not necessary a concern. You can remove the mold yourself using commercial cleaning products. However, large infestation requires taking the help of professional mold remediation service in Berkeley. Below are some tips and advice to get rid of the air borne pollutant from the house without much of a hassle or worry.

Assessing the Area

Before you contact a mold remediation service in Berkeley, you must first assess the area first. This will help you when you provide preliminary details about mold infestation to the company personally on the phone. The simplest way to assess the problem is through performing visual checks. You must see for signs of wood rot, stains on ceilings, or greenish appearance on the walls. These give an indication of the presence of mold inside the house.

Presence of Unique Odor

Apart from visual inspection, you can also detect presence of mold inside the house through unique odor that emanates near the infested place. The smell does not go away with the use of air fresheners and other chemicals. The only way to get rid of the odor is through availing mold remediation service in Berkeley.

Hire Professional Companies to Perform a Mold Test

Another tip for detecting mold growth inside the house is to hire IIH (Independent Industrial Hygienists) for testing the area for presence of mold growth. Evaluation by a third party inspector provides the assurance that the home is free of air borne pollutants that may adversely affect health of the residents. Hiring IIH ensures unbiased testing of mold infestation. The result of the testing will ensure that the contractors will not bill you extra for the task.

Source of the Infestation

After you have located the mold infestation, you must determine the source of the mold infestation. The most common source of mold growth is moisture that fuels growth of these air borne pollutants. You must look at crawl spaces and near air ducts about signs of mold infestation inside the house.

Insurance, Bonding and Licensing

Finally, you must make sure that the company that you hire for the mold remediation service in Berkeley is licensed to provide quality service. Being licensed in the state gives a seal of approval regarding the reliability and reputation of the mold remediation firm. Also, read online reviews and testimonials of the firm to ensure top notch mold removal services in Naples .

In the end, you must act promptly when you detect mold infestation inside your home. The longer you delay contacting a professional mold remediation service, the greater will be the mold growth that will be difficult to remove.

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