Nov 23, 2015

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4 Ways a Portable Hand Washing Sink Helps Keep Your Kids Healthy

4 Ways a Portable Hand Washing Sink Helps Keep Your Kids Healthy

Tired of nagging your kids to death to wash their hands? Trying to get your kids to develop better hand washing habits can be a losing battle. So instead of using lectures to get your point across, get a portable hand washing sink instead.

WHO Statistics
According to the World Health Organization, about 2.2 million people every year pass away from diarrhea. Out of that figure, 90 percent are children who live in developing countries, where access to clean water, much less proper hand washing facilities, are severely limited. In addition, the CDC also reports that the outbreak of many foodborne diseases are mainly spread through contaminated hands, easily solved by hand washing with soap and water.

Safety at Home
Developing better hand washing habits, then, is crucial. It’s equally important to train your kids to grow up with such habits. One easy way to encourage and motivate them is to have portable hand washing sink at home. Here are some of the ways it can help you keep your kids healthy and safe from germs:

  1. Easy access. Do your kids spend a lot of time playing in the garden? You could put a portable sink out there. That way, they won’t have to run into the house every time they have to wash their hands between games.
  2. Hot and cold water. Taking your kids camping? Give them a taste of rough camping conditions. That could be an incredible learning experience for them. However, roughing it out or not, keep sanitation levels on your camping site high by packing along a portable hand washing sink. This way, your kids have access to warm water to wash their hands and face with even while they’re building tents and bonfires.
  3. No installation required. Having your children’s friends over for a garden party? You’ll find it easy to put out a portable sink out there since a lot of models often don’t require installations of any kind.
  4. Colors and sizes. In some companies, you can request for child care sinks in appealing colors. Make sure you get one with the right height for your kids. Some companies even accept custom orders so you can have your very own portable sink, built with the right design details and perfect for your kids.

So for less nagging and more hand washing, why not get a portable sink your kids? With ready access to hand washing facilities, you can easily help them stay safe against bacteria and infections.

Help keep your kids healthy with a portable hand washing sink. For orders, contact MONSAM Enterprises today!

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