Sep 26, 2016

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4 Ways a Medical Malpractice Attorney Helps You

4 Ways a Medical Malpractice Attorney Helps You

In 2012, payouts for medical malpractice suits reached over 3 billion dollars. If you break that down, that’s about one payout for every 43 minutes on average, Forbes says. That’s a huge number, an alarming one when you think about it. It speaks of how easy it is for patients to find themselves in the wrong hands.

If you believe you or your loved one is a victim of medical negligence, here’s why you’ll need a lawyer to help you.

Determine medical negligence

Before you can file for a lawsuit, you must determine if you have a case. If you aren’t sure what constitutes medical negligence, consulting a lawyer can help. A medical malpractice attorney in NJ will review the details of your case and tell you if it’s worth pursuing or not. That’s because not all unfavorable outcomes are a result of negligence. Once your lawyer gives you the go ahead, though, it’s time to start the legal ball rolling.

File a case

Make sure you’re well aware of any statutes of limitations. This is often different, depending on the state you live in. Statutes of limitations are basically deadlines. If you fail to file within that time, you’ll lose any chance of pursuing a case. So don’t wait too long before you consult a lawyer.

Get evidence

Your lawyer will get in touch with experts—from medical examiners to specialists—to gather information and proof necessary to build and win your case. With enough information, you’ll be in the best position to negotiate for compensation.

Represent your rights

Your lawyer has the legal know-how to present your case and fight for your rights. By ensuring you get the maximum compensation you’re entitled to, you or your loved ones will have the help you need to move on from the catastrophic consequences of a bad medical malpractice case.

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